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Creole West Productions kicks off this new year with an artistic tribute to the  Crescent City and its renaissance.  Through talented brush strokes of artist L.J.C. (Linda) Shimoda, the expressions of Julie Eshelman-Lee, director of Creole West Productions,  about her native city and it's future, have been beautifully translated into a work of art entitled: "New Orleans Ascending."  Take in this beautiful piece and share the experience of the  collaborative process between director and artist  on the home page of the website at:

   EVENTS - Pointe Coupée Parish, Louisiana

Come visit historic Pointe Coupée Parish for cultural AND historical events in 2006  . . .

Tuesday    February 28, 2006 

Over Eighty Years of Carnival in New Roads

The historic Louisiana Creole town of New Roads is putting together its greatest Mardi Gras ever!  The 84th annual Community Center Carnival Club parade rolls at 11 a.m. with the theme "A Salute to New Orleans" . This is the state's oldest parade outside of the Crescent City. The New Roads Lions Club parade, founded in 1941 as the first known Mardi Gras parade to roll for charitable purposes, is set to roll at 1:30 p.m. with the theme of "Holidays on Parade." 

We invite everyone to join in this community event for all generations! The parades roll through a circular route through the historic town, just thirty-six minutes northwest of Baton Rouge on Louisiana Hwy 1 along beautiful False River.  There will be plenty of booths with local cuisine, midway rides, hilarious street maskers and a good dose of Pointe Coupée's Creole hospitality for lagniappe.

Brian J. Costello, historian and Lions Club Carnival Chairman, has authored a pictorial history of  the New Roads Lions Club Parade.  Proceeds from the sales of the book benefit New Roads Lions Club charities which include the local schools in the parish who have opened their doors to those who relocated in the wake of the hurricanes. Rolling For Charity: A History of the New Roads Lions Carnival is available for purchase at local stores.

Take a moment to come to the country for the day and enjoy a long standing tradition in New Roads!

For further information about the parades and where to purchase the book:

Friday   March 3, 2006   

Come Meet One of  Pointe Coupée's Poetic Storytellers                           

Spend an evening with Mary Alice Victorian "Mary V" Jackson while she reads from her debut book of poetry At Mama's House. Join us at the Julien Poydras Center auditorium in New Roads at 6:30 p.m. to include an engaging introduction by Pointe Coupée's premiere historian, author, and Creole speaker, Brian J. Costello, readings from guest student poets, book signing and refreshments. Admission is free.

At Mama's House is a collection of poems from a fruitful cache Mary V has composed over the years. She tells her stories poetically in heartfelt memory of her childhood in a magical place called "The Island" on False River in Ventress, Pointe Coupée Parish, Louisiana--a little town about five miles from New Roads, the parish seat. In her pure style, Mary V's verses bring alive her experiences at Mama's House. A journey with her poetry reminds the reader to appreciate life's treasures.

Mary V is the daughter of hardworking parents who were sharecroppers. A graduate of Southern University at Baton Rouge, she is an educator with a long devoted career in the Pointe Coupée Parish schools. A prolific poet and fluent speaker of the Creole dialect, she writes for personal gratification.

For a print version of the At Mama's House Poetry Reading Event, go to

Saturday   October 14, 2006

Foundations of Community: Pointe Coupée et Environs Forum Series featuring:

The French Colonial Era in Pointe Coupée:  1682-1769

The settlement and buildings of the earliest days along Pointe Coupée Road, then known as the coast, are gone.  After centuries of flooding her banks, the Mississippi washed the remnants of the early settlement into the great river bed.  Some were carried downstream in her strong currents to the gulf. From the written record of the earliest days we have a view into the past.  The explorers, missionaries, early settlers and colonial officials recorded their experiences in maps, journals, official correspondence, and colonial civil and church records.  Together these begin to retrace the footsteps of Pointe Coupée’s beginnings.

The history of Pointe Coupée is not well known to the public.  Le Cercle Historique brings this history to life as it hosts the first forum on French Colonial Pointe Coupée-- Saturday October 14, 2006  at the historic Julien Poydras Museum & Cultural Arts Center  in New Roads, LA. from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Admission is free and refreshments will be served.

Come join us for a congenial conversation about Pointe Coupée's French era from a group of unique experts who are also descendants of the early founding families.  They will take you on a journey to the past with the results of their meticulous research of early journals, maps and original records.    

Forthcoming, and as compliments to the French and Spanish colonial era forums, are Volumes I and II  for Colonial Pointe Coupée: Creole Foundations 1699-1803.  Publication dates to be announced fall 2006.

Visit the website for complete details for these events and registration:


 The abstraction of the correspondence from the record group Archivo General de Indias (AGI), the Cuban Papers (1762-1824) for the poste of Pointe Coupée is expected to be completed this fall. The documents are being compiled into a calendar of abstracts, translated from French and Spanish to English, eventually to be published in its entirety as: Cuban Papers: Poste of Pointe Coupée Abstracted Calendar of Documents  1762-1824.  A significant research project, we will be seeking  grant funding for full translations of key documents and correspondence. 

The documents in this record group include the correspondence between the Commandant and officials of the colony, unveiling the life and times in Pointe Coupée parish during the Spanish colonial era, its brief transfer to France and then to the United States. Pointe Coupée's plantation business was a pivotal economic contribution  to the colony and its story is relatively unknown.   

The correspondence includes, but is not limited to: official orders and appointments, slave conspiracy and revolt trials, inventory of records, civil suits, military rosters,  and a wealth of correspondence illuminating daily activity of the officials and people within the poste.

Look for upcoming publications of fully translated records that give a closer glimpse as we step back in time in Pointe Coupée .

  For further information, please contact:


At Mama's House  March 2006  $15   (A collection of poems by poetic storyteller Mary Alice Victorian Jackson reflecting on her vivid childhood memories at Mama's House on the Island Side of False River, Ventress, Pointe Coupée Parish, Louisiana; poetic verse about Creole people and traditions. Soft cover; 77pp; includes S & H ) 

Decuir: Early Creole Family of Louisiana |  Creole Heritage Day 2005   $15  (soft cover; 87 pp; complement to Decuir session, documented articles and reprints, articles from descendants, genealogical data & images; includes S & H) 

Selected Writings of Julien Poydras (2004) $18  (Volume I of the *Liberating Pointe Coupée Parish History Series* which includes correspondence from the Cuban Papers to and from Julien Poydras.  Soft cover;  124pp;, full translation with citations, includes S & H).

  The Louisiana Purchase: A Dramatic Change For Pointe Coupéeans 1803-1815 (2003) $25 (Soft cover; 112 pp; footnotes, glossary, resources - print version of online text found at  Teacher's Guide available, includes S & H)

For a complete listing, and to purchase current publications, visit - Publications link and download order form; or contact

    Forthcoming book . . .

In progress is a comprehensive book about the Decuir and connected families of Louisiana, co-authored by Brian J. Costello and Julie Eshelman-Lee. A founding family of Louisiana and Pointe Coupée, the journey connects with numerous founding families of Louisiana.  We extend an open invitation and call for contributors of information and photos  for this book.  Proper credit and/or provenance will be given to all submissions used. Please contact

In order to facilitate web discussions about the Decuir and connected families, please visit our forum on the Decuir website. Simply login and begin discussions. 

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Please tour the site regularly for an array of information about Pointe Coupée - past and present.   Engage in  our Public Forum and Community Forum - links found on the Vive La Pointe Coupée page. Click a forum link , then simply  login and begin to share your thoughts.

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