An Annotated Bibliography on Haitian Creole

(Emmanuel W. Védrine)

An Annotated Bibliography on Haitian Creole

(ISBN 158432-178-4)
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Acknowledgements & General Introduction. p.5

In praise of the author. p.17

Abbreviations & Symbols used in this book. p.20

Chapter I. A Bibliography Of Periodicals With Publications On Kreyòl. (268 entries). p.26

Chapter II. Agriculture, Flora & Fauna. (61 entries). p.36

Chapter III. Bibliographies. (12 entries). p.44

Chapter IV. Classification By Authors. p.48

Chapter V. Dictionaries, Glossaries & Related sources. (130 entries). p.72

Chapter VI. Education, Literacy & Teaching materials (334 entries). p.120

Chapter VII. Folklores, Folk tales & Stories. (230 entries). p.166

Chapter VIII. General Subjects. (445 entries). p.189

Chapter IX. Geography & History. (63 entries). p.255

Chapter X. Grammar. (72 entries). p.266

Chapter XI. Health & Hygiene. (52 entries). p.280

Chapter XII. Historical Linguistics. (88 entries). p.284

Chapter XIII. Novels & Short stories. (108 entries). p.301

Chapter XIV. Orthography. (112 entries). p.320

Chapter XV. Plays (including related works), 87 entries). p.344

Chapter XVI. Poetry. (204 entries). p.358

Chapter XVII. Proverbs. (54 entries). p.381

Chapter XVIII. Religious Writings. (145 entries). p.393

Chapter XIX. Sociolinguistics. (116 entries). p.404

Chapter XX. Teaching materials For Learners Of Kreyòl. (41 entries). p.432

Chapter XXI. Theoretical linguistics. (325 entries). p.436

Chapter XXII. Theses & Dissertations Related To Kreyòl. (75 entries). p.472

Chapter XXIII. Interviews With Some Haitian Creolists, Journalists & Authors. p.486

Chapter XXIV. General Authors' Biographies. p.537

Appendix (Part I, II & III: Part III, Theses & Dissertations related to Haiti - p.308 entries). p.572, 594, 600

Index Of Titles. p.630

General Authors' Index. p.680

About The Author. p.625

Index of Titles

General Authors' Index
(Includes only those whose publications are related to Haitian Creole)

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